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26th August 2008

The extreme heat of the past few weeks is slowly starting to ease (low 30's from high 30's) although it is still hot and humid.

They seem to have a lot of festivals during summer in Malta (several per week). They are apparently religious festivals and each town (or suburb) have their own. I think a lot of them are just an excuse to have a party. They all seem to involve a lot of very loud fireworks that go on for hours (sometimes past midnight).


23rd July 2008

Back home in Malta after my five day trip to Pisa and Prague. The weather was wonderful and a nice change from the extreme heat we had in Malta last week. I took some more photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa as is was overcast and raining last time I was here.

I had a few hours to kill on my last day in Pisa so I caught the train to Livorno a town on the coast not far from Pisa. Livorno appeared larger and more prosperous than Pisa. I had hoped to find a beach and maybe have a swim but there did not seem to be a beach close to town.

lesser town prague    baroque garden    cathedral st peter st paul prague    prague national museum    Capitoline Lupa Statue

Prague Photographs, Page One

Prague Photographs, Page Two

Pisa Photographs


19th July 2008

Now in Prague for three days after a stop over in Pisa for a night on the way here. I leave here on the 21st with another overnight stop over in Pisa before returning to Malta on the 22nd.

I expected Prague to be a carbon copy of Budapest, which it is, except not quite as picturesque.

I will post all the photos when I return to Malta.

The Vltava River, Prague    floating restaurant    charles bridge prague    prague monument    The Vltava River, Prague


5th July 2008

Went to the beach today, St. Georges Bay, the sea temperature has risen to about 25C which is great.

The air temperature is 34C and very humid. Also it only goes down to about 25C at night which is a bit uncomfortable. I just found out that the record for both July and August is 43C.


4th July 2008

Home in Malta again.

Large portions of Europe are having heat wave conditions. Here in Malta the forecast is for 33C every day this week and it was 32C in Bremen and 30C in Budapest.

I have updated my Itinerary and will be back in Sydney from 15th December.


2nd July 2008

Back in Bremen for two days after returning from Budapest.

I took the train to Bremerhaven, about an hour North of Bremen, at the mouth of the Weser River and had a long walk around the harbour foreshore etc.

On my return to Bremen I went on a self guided tram tour of the city.

german maritime museum    seute deern    wss10    klimahaus    u boat

Bremerhaven Photographs


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