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26th July 2012

I am supposed to be in Trang, Thailand at the moment but did not go as I need to concentrate on work and save money. I am also booked to go to Chiang Mai next month but at this stage I am unsure if I will go or not.

I will definitely be going to Vietnam in October as planned.


12th July 2012

The Great Residence Hotel was terrible (had a "Sleasy" feel to it) - in future I will be staying at the Thong Ta Resort as
I normally do as it is much better and just as close to the airport.


10th July 2012

I'm now at Kuala Lumpur airport between flights on my way back to Thailand. I have just been to Sydney (Australia Photo Gallery), for a few days to catch up with the kids etc. My visit was short but good despite the cold (down to 8 degrees at night).

I fly on to Bangkok this evening but will not land in Bangkok until around midnight so I have booked an airport hotel (The Great Residence Hotel) and will catch the Airport Bus to Jomtien tomorrow moring.


2nd July 2012

Yesterday Bern, Clive and I went to the horse races in Bangkok - this time they were at the Royal Bangkok Turf Club course which alternates with the Royal Bangkok Sports Club to hold races each Sunday. We stayed for five races and between us backed the winners of all five races and all left as winners. We then did our standard bar crawl around the Nana area of Bangkok before returning to Jomtien at around 3 am.


21st June 2012

I am in Bangkok for a few days - I had a doctors appointment for Tuesday and I have another on Friday so I decided to stay in Bangkok.

I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday just walking around Bangkok and the major shopping centres. Central World is now operating normally again after having being closed for a long period due to the damage caused during the Red Shirt riots.

Today I am just going to laze around the hotel and do nothing.


15th June 2012

I am looking forward to my trip to Sydney (Australia Photo Gallery) on 5th July after not having done much travelling for a while.


30th April 2012

I have not been doing any travelling but have been working - I have completed the update of the Perth City Directory which means all the Austalian directories are now up to date - I am now working on the Birmingham City Directory which will take a month or so.


4th March 2012

My trip to Vietnam was quite tiring and probably not worth the effort. The flights in both directions were more than 30 minutes late departing and the immigration process took more than an hour each end - I eventually got home in Jomtien around 12.30am today.

The immigration process at Bangkok airport seems to be worse each time I fly - I fail to see why it should take more than an hour to get into the country - They say they want to encourage tourism but I heard a lot of unhappy visitors in the immigration queues. Also the service level of Air Asia has fallen away whilst their fares have increased - at least half of the last ten flights I have taken have been late in departure - I think they may have grown to fast and the management structure has not kept up. I already have several trips booked for this year (some of which I will not be taking due to work) but I doubt that I will be booking any more flights with Air Asia.

I have decided to go to Hurghada, Egypt in May (for the whole month) to finalise the purchase of the apartment I am buying, to get a "Feel" for living in Hurghada and have a rest.


2nd March 2012

I am in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a few days. This trip was originally booked as a "visa validation" trip but I decided to still come as I had already booked and paid for the flight. The Vietnam "Visa on arrival" process is becoming so slow (1 hour) and disorganised that I will be getting a visa in Bangkok before I come next time.

The hotel I am staying at the Xuan Hue Hotel near the airport. This hotel has very good customer reviews on Agoda but as far as I am concerned it is no more than a standard budget Asian hotel (rock hard mattress and pillows, TV with bad reception, noisy A/C, etc.) - whilst it is relatively cheap (less than $15) there better hotel deals in Ho Chi Minh City. On the positive side the owner is extremely helpful and speaks good English.

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