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2nd June 2018

European Adventure

My "European Adventure" begins today with a flight from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City followed by Paris, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City and finally back to Nha Trang on 27th June.

Europe Map


12th May 2018

Counting The Days

Today I delivered my motorbike to the new owner,
Harry, a long time Vietnamese friend - I will be missing the bike on a regular basis. My trip to Europe starts in three weeks and I am counting the days.


9th May 2018

Dalat - Maybe The Last Time

This may be my final trip to Dalat (I have had several). I rode up yesterday and got soaked again during a tropical storm (common in the mountains around Dalat) The trip took much longer than usual as the road was closed for a couple of hours due to a landslide (also quite common for this region). I am only here for 2 nights and ride back to Nha Trang tomorrow.
I have arranged to sell my motorbike and this trip will be my last (on a motorbike) in Vietnam. I am spending most of June travelling around Europe and will return to Vietnam for 2 months before I leave for Darwin, Australia, where I will probably stay for 12 months - After that "Who Knows" perhaps Cyprus, Malta or back to Vietnam.


22nd April 2018

Home in Nha Trang

After another enjoyable trip to Hanoi I am now back home in Nha Trang. The street food tour was great and there was only me and an Australian couple on the tour.
My next trip is a solo motorbike trip to Dong Hoi (stopping at Qui Nhon and Danang on the way up and back) and Phong Nha National Park which contains many caves including (I think) the largest cave in the World and the longest cave in the World. I have previously passed through Phong Nha but did not get to see the caves. The plan is to leave Nha Trang on 7th May and return on 15th May (I may extend a day or 2) the total distance will be 1,600 kilometres +.


18th April 2018

Hanoi Again

Yesterday I flew up to Hanoi from Nha Trang with the main reason for the visit being a Street Food tour this evening. I am only here for 2 nights and it looks like the weather will be OK this time (I had previously booked a tour months ago when in Hanoi but it was flooded out).
I spent this morning walking around and ventured out of the "Old Quarter" (the first time I have done this on foot) - I went as far as the Botanical Gardens and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

St Joseph Cathedral          Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
St Joseph Cathedral - Hanoi's Oldest Church           Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum             


14th April 2018

Europe Trip

I have now finalised all bookings for my Europe Trip in June:

June 2nd - Nha Trang to Saigon - Vietjet
June 3rd - Saigon to Berlin (via Paris) - Air France (Premium Economy)
June 4th - Berlin to Athens - Ryanair
June 7th - Athens to Rome - Ryanair
June 10th - Rome to Madrid - Ryanair
June 12th - Madrid to Paris - Transavia
June 14th - Paris to Prague - Vueling
June 17th - Prague to Frankfurt - Lufthansa
June 20th - Frankfurt to Lisbon - Ryanair
June 22nd - Lisbon to Vienna - TAP
June 24th - Vienna to Berlin - Easyjet
June 26th - Berlin to Saigon (via Paris) - Air France (Premium Economy)
June 27th - Saigon to Nha Trang - Vietjet

Hotels: 1 night Saigon, 1 night Berlin, 3 nights Athens, 3 nights Rome, 2 nights Madrid, 2 nights Paris, 3 nights Prague, 3 nights Frankfurt, 2 nights Lisbon, 2 nights Vienna and 2 nights Berlin.
Total cost for all flights (15 flights) and hotels (24 nights) about $3,300 USD (Mr. Cheap)


1st April 2018

Nha Trang

I spent last night in Nha Trang central as I do occasionally - I stay at the Sen Vang Guesthouse which is in the Centre of the "Tourist Area" but down an alley and so it is insulated from traffic noises etc. (at $10 US/night for a single room with A/C, ensuite, cable TV and Wifi probably the best budget option in town). I ate at a newly opened restaurant 10 metres from the hotel entrance named "Cheap Cheap II" restaurant (perfect for Mr. Cheap) the food was great and the size of me meal was 50% larger than most restaurants (I had trouble eating it all) and the local 450 ml Bia Saigon was $0.53 cents US.
I have no travel for a couple of weeks before flying to Hanoi for 3 days to do a Street Food Tour.


24th March 2018

Hanoi Traffic - What Traffic

On the weekends the main road around Lake Hon Kiếm is closed to traffic and becomes a pedestrian only zone with a "Carnival Atmosphere". Below are some photos I took whilst I walked a circuit of the lake today.

Hanoi Old Quarter Hanoi Balloons Hanoi Bubbles Hanoi Lake Balloons
Hanoi Backpack Corner Hanoi Sack Race Hanoi Traffic Hanoi Fruit Seller
Couple Lake Hanoi Lake Bridge Turtle Island Hanoi Mothers and Daughters Walking Faamily Trio Walking Two Girls Woman Flowers


23rd March 2018

Hanoi Cooking Class

This morning was spent at Chef Duyen's cooking class in Hanoi, Vietnam. The morning started with a walking tour through a local street market and Chef Duyen explained the various ingredients we would be using for our cooking class (plus a whole lot more). There was only myself and Jonas, a German Backpacker, doing the cooking class which was great. After the market tour we went to Chef Duyen's home and with her patient instruction we prepared lunch that consisted of:

Caramel Pork
Banana Flower Salad with Chicken
Fried Spring Rolls - and Dipping Sauce
Sweet Coconut Soup with Taro (Che)

The course was very practical and fully "Hands On" with us all contributing to the preparation and cooking of all dishes. The resulting lunch was excellent and enjoyed by all.

Hanoi Street Market    Hanoi Cooking Clas    Chef Duyen's Cooking Class    Hanoi Cooking Class Lunch
     Hanoi Street Market      Hard at Work            The Lunch We Prepared              Enjoying Lunch        


2nd March 2018

Dalat Street Food Tour

This evening I went on a street food tour of Dalat run by Dalat Food Tour with Binh as my guide. The tour was excellent and Binh was a great guide and spoke perfect English. I was the only guest on this tour so I got personal service all the way (I even got to cook a Vietnamese Pizza - Bnh Trng Nướng
 at a footpath restaurant).

Me Cooking a Vietnamese Pizza                    Binh Eating The Pizza I Cooked
Me Cooking a Vietnamese Pizza                         Binh Eating The Pizza I Cooked

The tour included the following dishes:

Bnh Trng Nướng    Nem Nướng Dũng Lộc    C ri Vịt    Xi G    Ch H
Bnh Trng Nướng           Nem Nướng Dũng Lộc                   C ri Vịt                           Xi G                Ch H


1st March 2018

Dalat (Vietnam)

After a few days of rest (to get over my Thailand trip) back home in Nha Trang I am "On The Road Again". This morning I rode up to Dalat (I have been here several times) and luckily the weather was fine all the way. I will be here for 4 days and tomorrow I have booked a local "Street Food Tour" which I am looking forward to.


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