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11th December 2013

Returning from my morning walk today I saw a large plume of smoke from the vicinity of my apartment complex - Luckily it was not the complex and I later saw that it was in fact a bush fire a couple of kilometres away on Double Island. I walked down to the jetty this afternoon and took a photo but the fire was almost out by then.

Double Island Bush Fire


27th November 2013

Local Hazards - Today the local beaches were closed (for the third time in the past week) due to sightings of the deadly Irukandji Jellyfish, which is so small it is very hard to see and can also fit through the mesh of the swimming enclosures. Added to this a crocodile swam up the coast again. I had been thinking that the swimming enclosure nets kept all stingers out but this is not the case - glad to have a swimming pool in our complex.


5th November 2013

Summer is on the way and the swimming enclosure has just been set up on the beach - it is a netted area for protection against the stinging box jellyfish that come during the warmer months

Swimming Enclosure         Box Jellyfish

Swimming Enclosure on Palm Cove Beach and a Box Jellyfish


1st October 2013

On Sunday I went for a walk to Trinity Bay and back (About 24 Kilometres) which is the farthest I have walked since I have been back in Australia. I handled it without any major problems except I got sunburned and a bit dehydrated as it was hot and sunny. Trinity Bay itself was disappointing as it appeared to be very run down with mostly small, old fibro houses. I think it was probably a public housing area when first established and even though it now has a marina with a few large, expensive houses I think it should be renamed "Unpleasantville".


20th September 2013

During the past few weeks I have returned to home brewing to give myself a hobby. My first two brews were fairly ordinary and tasted like "home brew" but the third batch is wonderful and by far the best beer I have ever brewed (and in my opinion better than a lot of commercial beers). It is a Coopers Heritage Lager which is their premium beer kit and I used a quality lager yeast rather than the kit yeast and also added a few saaz hop pellets. The result is a clear tasty lager with plenty of flavour and body and a creamy head. I think this will become my new favourite beer (especially at less than $1.50 per litre - Mr. Cheap).

Coopers Heritage Lager

Coopers Heritage Lager - Brewed By Me


13th September 2013

The weather here is warming up - for a couple of weeks it was quite cool and windy - but the past few days have been calm and warm (we had our first 30 degree day of the season). The swimming pool temperature and sea temperature are both rising - summer is not far away.

I am starting to get used to the noise of the nocturnal "Screaming Birds", Bush Stone-curlews - they look so innocent but what a noise they make at night (there was a story in the local paper a few weeks ago and the guy said that the first time he stayed at the Northern beaches he thought someone was killing their kids).


1st September 2013

Today my Sunday walk took me to Trinity Beach and back - this time I took a few photos. The photos (from left to right) are - The Pathway Between Palm Cove and Clifton Beach - One of Many Crocodile Warning Signs - Clifton Beach Looking Towards Palm Cove - Clifton Beach Looking Towards Kewarra Beach - Trinity Beach

Pathway From Palm Cove to Clifton Beach    Crocodile Warning    Clifton Beach Looking Towards Palm Cove    Clifton Beach Looking Towards Kewarra Beach    Trinity Beach, Cairns

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