Building My Jabiru J 160 Kit Plane

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Jabiru Fuselage and Kit Parts

The Jabiru Fuselage and Hardware Components
Jabiru Wing

The Right Wing
Cockpit Paint

Inside The Cockpit After Undercoating
Internal Painting of Jabiru

Inside The Cockpit After Fitting of Rudder Pedals, Brakes etc.
Instrument Panel at Home

The Jabiru's Instrument Panel
Jabiru Instrument Panel

The Instrument Panel Fitted Into The Cockpit
Trial Fit Jabiru Right Wing

Trial Fitting of The Right Wing
Jabiru Rudder Fitted

Fin and Rudder Complete and Fitted
Jabiru Windscreen Fitted

Windscreen Fitted
Kit Jabiru With Undercarriage and Wings Fitted

Jabiru J160 With The Undercarriage and Wings Fitted
Jabiru Engine

The Jabiru 2.2 Litre Engine For My J160
Completed Jabiru J160 Kit Plane

The Finished Plane at Emerald Airport in Queensland

Australia Photo Gallery


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