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triton fountain

The Triton Fountain in The Centre of The Valletta Bus Terminal

mosta cathedral

The Cathedral at Mosta. Note The Two Clocks at Different Times (To Confuse The Devil - So He Wont Know What The Time is)


The Ancient Capital of Malta, Mdina, Set on The Highest Point on Malta

entrance mdina

The Entrance Gate to The Walled City of Mdina

mdina cathedral

The Mdina Cathedral Within The City

mdina narrow street

A Typical Narrow Street Within Mdina

malta countryside

The Countryside Surrounding Mdina From The Outer Wall

mgarr and gozo cliffs

The Town of Mgarr With The Cliffs of Gozo in The Background

mgarr cathedral

The Mgarr Cathedral

golden bay

Golden Bay - A Popular Sandy Beach on The North Western Side of Malta

st pauls bay

St. Paul's Bay

st pauls island

St. Paul's Island

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